Incorporating Granite Into Your Home Design

a dark room with a light

Granite is a beautiful addition to your home. Traditionally, granite countertops are the go-to way to incorporate the lovely stone in your home, but that is not the only way to incorporate the lavish material. Many granite companies, like Southwest Michigan Granite, have everything from custom designed slabs to leftover pieces for you to choose from at a much lower cost. Granite comes in so many colors and textures that it looks dashing by itself or looks bold when used with other materials, like metal or wood. Granite is durable and easy to clean, so it is perfect for countertops. If you want to incorporate granite in your home in ways that will set your design apart from the rest, consider these applications below.


Granite in the Bathroom

Granite is resistant to mold and water, so it’s ideal for the bathroom, the room of your house where the most moisture lives. Granite is functional in the bathroom, but it also looks incredible and is an easy solution for elegance and appeal. Similar to a kitchen countertop, granite is great used as a bathroom vanity top. You may also want to go so far as to looking into getting a granite sink or basin, or as a base for your tub to fit into. Granite can be cut by composite material machining that uses water jet cutting systems to make precise projects. Pedestal sinks come in granite, as do shelves. Nothing looks better than granite floors in the bathroom, and considering the bathroom is the most abused room in your home, you will want to furnish it with material that can stand the test of time.


Granite Mosaics

Mosaics are the most decorative, creative way to improve your home, and granite is a wonderful material for the job. Granite pieces can come together to create beautiful mosaics to be used around the fireplace, as the mantle, in the shower walls, as a walkway, or as a backsplash. Granite mosaics create a focal point for the room that attracts the eye. Use white and cream granite for a clean and fresh look, or darker colors for a more traditional and rustic look. With mosaics, you also have the option to combine light and dark tones that will contrast each other for greater design and creativity.


Granite Countertops Throughout Your Home

Countertops are not only a part of the kitchen, but they can include desktops in the office, table tops in the dining room, and coffee table tops in the living room. Granite is such a versatile stone that it can be used in any room in your house. The leftover pieces are even great for cutting boards or decorative pieces. As you can see, including granite in your home is limitless. It is sought after for its strength and beauty, and will have your guests wishing they had granite in their home as well. Everyone who upgrades their home with granite is thankful that they did.