Tips for Buying a Vacation Home

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Owning a vacation home is a luxury for many people. If you have been dreaming about buying one and think that now is the time, check out these tips for buying a vacation home.

Choose the Location Wisely

When looking for a vacation home focus on areas with appreciating real estate prices. Since you will only spend a part of your time at the vacation home, it’s wise to buy a home in a strong rental market. Make sure that the community allows property owners to do short-term rentals. Renting out a vacation home comes with additional expenses like management company fees, damages and repairs, insurance, and periods of no rentals.


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Understand the Maintenance Commitment

All properties come with maintenance commitments. You need to factor in maintenance costs when determining your overall budget. Are you able to complete a variety of maintenance tasks on your own, or will you need to hire professionals for all maintenance needs? Plan to budget about two percent of the property’s value towards maintenance costs.

Assess all of the vacation home’s maintenance needs. If the home features a swimming pool, it will also require a fair amount of upkeep. Part of maintaining a pool means keeping the pool area safe with a removable pool fence. Pool Guard USA manufactures removable fencing for pools that are independently tested and certified to assure that they meet ASTM standards and pool barrier codes. Their high-quality pool fences are made with durable materials that are strong yet lightweight for easy portability.

Consider Alternative Ownership Options

Know your “why” before buying a vacation home. It’s tempting to buy something if the location is just right, but it’s more important to buy with a purpose. Is a vacation home something you will get your money’s worth from? Will you spend enough time there? Is this a status purchase? Do you plan to retire in the home or rent it out? Determine all of the reasons motivating you to buy a vacation home and evaluate your needs based on them. Look for vacation homes that fit the area, location, and budget.


Buying a vacation home is a big financial commitment. Consider alternative ownership options like timeshares and fractional ownership. Be careful when buying into these kinds of arrangements and be sure to fully understand the financial commitment. You’ll be sharing the home with other people, so be clear on how much time you are entitled to spend at the property annually.

Have a Rental Plan

A vacation home is a large investment, so have a rental plan before committing to a home. Be realistic about how much time you will actually spend at the vacation home. It should be a home that you intend to visit multiple times a year that is convenient and affordable to get to. Don’t overspend on renting a vacation home that you won’t live in full-time.


Research the rules about rental properties. A home in an area with a Homeowner’s Association may have strict limitations on the number of homes that can be rented, or restrict to weekly rentals only. A vacation home may come with utilities, HOA fees, taxes, and more. Learn what amenities come with the home and factor this into your budget.