Summer Bucket List Ideas

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Tackle the bucket list of your dreams this summer from new experiences, to finished tasks, and everything in between. 

There’s no better time to tackle your bucket list than the sun-filled days of summer. Whether you’re adventurous, seeking a change of scenery, or just aiming to finish a task you’ve started time and time again, these fives summer bucket list items can help you check off your goals one by one. 

Hang Ten: Always loved to ride a wave but never made it pro? Try advanced surfing lessons. Ohana Surf Project evaluates your current skills and creates a lesson to take you to the next level. If you’re looking to learn new techniques or sharpen your existing skills, they’ll have you in top shape to carve the wave of your dreams. 

Be One with Mother Nature: One of the best ways to get in tune with nature is exploring new hiking trails. Find part of the Appalachian Trail, take in the beauty of a national park, climb the side of a mountain, or track down a local park with marked trails to traverse. You’d be surprised the effect a good hike can have on both your physical and mental health!

Explore Your Culinary Side: Not all summer adventures have to happen in the great outdoors. Maybe you have a cookbook lying around that you’ve been dying to crack open. Why not start at page 1 and see how far you can make it over the course of your summer? Have a few family recipes you’ve been dying to tackle? Set aside a week and make it happen! Bon Appétit!  

Tackle That Reading List: There’s nothing quite like sitting outside with an iced coffee from your favorite café and diving into a good book. Take advantage of a beautiful day and make your way through the list of novels you’ve been dying to read all year. Pack a lunch, spread your blanket in your favorite spot, and start at page one. 

Do Something Bold: Ready to indulge your inner thrill-seeker? Check off your wildest bucket list items by booking your next escapade. Search for zip-line trails in your area, outdoor-rock climbing centers, maybe even sign up for skydiving lessons! Summer is the perfect time to get out into the world and dare yourself to try something new and outrageous. 

There are a multitude of things to be done during the summer season. From adventure to productivity, the options of bucket list items are endless. For some, summer is an opportunity to fine tune a skill, while others may use its warmth and loose schedules to tackle plans that were left by the wayside throughout the year. Draft your perfect list and get going!