How to Be a Self-Motivated Learner

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Retain more information and succeed in your self-learning experience with these simple tips.

Not everything we hope to learn is part of a college syllabus, which means we’ll need to sit down and teach ourselves at some point. Though our attention spans may shrink with so much information around us, being a self-learner is easier than you think. Even tech tools that are seen as distractions can work to your advantage.


Find out your learning style

If you’re working hard but you still aren’t seeing results, you might not be following your particular learning style. It’s true — not all people absorb information the same way. Essentially, there are four types of learning styles: visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. So build your tactics around the right style.


Create a study schedule

Develop a habit of sticking to a daily agenda for a well-balanced work/study schedule. Scattered responsibilities won’t help you move forward, as a lack of organization could interfere with your initial goals and other priorities. Try morning or nighttime study sessions that won’t interrupt school and working hours.


Use apps and software

Technology can be a great helper! Software like AlphaPrep gives your studies a boost, as they provide you with discussion forums and a large database of exam-level questions. Apps and similar online learning tools are essential to keep you in the right direction, whether you’re just studying or preparing for an upcoming test.


Test your knowledge often

Quizzes and exams are standard methods for a reason: they work by evaluating learning skills. After a revision, optimize your lessons by completing tests to check which areas need more work, and go over them as needed for comprehension. Some apps have built-in tests and questions right after a lesson.


Be disciplined

In this self-directed learning journey, you’re your own coach. So take it seriously. Treating your studies as a secondary pursuit will make them just that, so you’ve got to maintain your focus. Always choose progress over agility, as there’s no rushing knowledge when it comes to your professional future and personal fulfillment.

Now that we’ve got you started, it’s your turn! Choose a subject you’re passionate about and follow the tips above to unleash your full potential as a self-taught student.