5 Reasons You Should Have a Backup Storage Plan for Photos

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Accidents happen and in an instant, all of the information on your phone can be erased, along with all of your photos.

Cameras are getting better and better, which means more people are using their phones to capture their memories. Having these photos in one place can be hazardous because digital photos can get lost in an instant. For this and other reasons, you should consider more than one type of storage for pictures.


Loss of Data

People get extra storage space for their pictures because phones are so fragile that there is a good chance that all of your pictures can be lost instantaneously. Anyone who is around or has children knows that with just a few flicks of the wrist, a whole album can be wiped off your phone. Stay on the safe side and look into other storage options.



Have you ever tried to search for a certain photo in your phone and end up swiping for hours only to realize that your photo is actually on an older device or a computer. Organization would be so much easier if you had all of your photos in a safe storage space. This way you can find your photos and share them with ease!


Easy Access From Anywhere

Have you ever started looking for a picture that was really important and then realized you took the photo on your iPad instead of your iPhone? This wouldn’t be an issue if you had extra storage space. From clouds and even storage devices that connect to the internet, you can access your photos from anywhere!


Free Space on Your Phone

Going to parties and festivities is always fun, but running out of storage space right when you’re at the top of the ferris wheel is the pitts. Backup your photos off your devices and store them so that you can free up space in your device. This way, you’ll always be able to capture the moments that take your breath away.


Easier to Share Privately

Social media is a great way to share your photos, but you never know who is stalking your profile. If you’re looking to keep your photos private and still be able to share them with specific others as you upload them, extra storage options is definitely for you!

Phones and computers crash, leaving you with no backup of your precious memories. Look into other storage options for your photos so you can organize and keep your memories safe from prying eyes and extinction!