Small Ways to Enhance Your Small Business

a dark room with a light

Running your own business means making a lot of big changes, like quitting your office job for one where you make your own hours and pay your own salary. It means you have obtain businesses licenses and certifications. Most of us go our entire lives without ever worrying about a marketing budget, but running a small business means you have to get your brand out there into the world. There are a lot of huge adjustments to make. Once you’ve taken care of the big things and gotten your business up and running, take a minute to congratulate yourself on getting this far. It’s not an easy thing. Then, after you’ve taken a few deep breathes, it’s time to take a look at some smaller but still impactful ways to improve your business.


Unorthodox promotions

We’ve all seen flyers and signs promoting a grand opening. If you watch TV, you’ll see plenty of ads for everything from cars to prescription drugs. Print media ads are declining, but they’re still a powerful marketing force. Internet ads can also be incredibly useful. If you’ve got your toe in some or all of those markets, then that’s good, but now it’s time to look for more creative options. Did you know you can create custom stickers online that you can then use as a way of promoting your business? It’s a simple, innovative way to get people to remember a name. If you have a special logo, then slap that logo on some stickers. If you have a mascot or other symbol that really represents you, then that can also be put on stickers. Where should you hand out the stickers? Everywhere you can think of, from your town’s business expo to a meeting with the local Chamber of Commerce. Think of stickers as a more adhesive business card. It’s easy for people to throw business cards into their purse or wallet and never think of them again, but promotional items like stickers, matchbooks, and even phone chargers are unique and memorable.


Rearrange your storefront

We’ve all walked into a grocery store only to find that the aisles have been completely rearranged. It can feel confusing, but there’s a method to the madness. Sometimes stores do it because they want to boost sales in certain departments. Other times they want to completely change people’s shopping patterns. As a small business owner with a modest storefront, you don’t have to worry about completely changing everything in a way that confuses your most loyal customers. But you can make a few adjustments, like replacing those worn-out shelves with steel slatwalls. A new display method can really catch the eye and make people more interested in whatever product or products are being sold. The inside of your store should provoke a sense of anticipation and curiosity. If you’re not excited about what you’re selling, then you can’t expect potential customers to be either. Think about how you want customers to view your store. When they walk through the door, what should they see first? What should they hear and smell? Figure that out and you’ll be well on your way to a more profitable business.