Old school marketing tactics that can still help your small business

a dark room with a light

The world of marketing has changed a lot over the past few years. Digital marketing is virtually inescapable as consumers are now bombarded with ads and product placements each time they log online. From YouTube ads before videos to paid Google placements in search results, digital marketing is dominating the industry. As a result, many businesses are spending less and

less on more traditional marketing tactics that would have been considered essential just ten years ago.

While this strategy may work for larger more well known companies and brands, small businesses shouldn’t neglect to incorporate traditional marketing tactics to supplement their online ads as well. The internet is quickly becoming saturated with advertisements, and small businesses that are still trying to establish themselves risk being lost in the crowd if they only focus on the digital side of marketing. Let’s take a look at a few old school marketing tactics that can still help your small business today.


Branded items and office supplies

No matter how much the internet dominates advertising, one thing is for sure: everyone likes free stuff. While some offers for free items or giveaways online will usually end with your computer being infected with a virus, giving away promotional items to customers or prospective clients in real life can still help get your name out there. Promotional pens, lanyards, and notepads featuring your company’s logo are just a few common examples of free items you can offer in your store or office. Items like these almost always end up being passed around to other people, and are still a great way to organically spread the word about your small business.

This strategy can be even more effective if you focus your attention on a specific demographic; looking to attract more sports fans? A company branded calendar of all the upcoming NFL or MLB games for the team in your local area could be a great idea.


Direct mail

While this suggestion may be hard to believe, direct mail can be a great idea for your small business, especially if you are looking to market yourself as a local company that cares about your community and neighbors. Email marketing is a big part of digital marketing today and most companies are compiling mailing lists of thousands of email addresses for mass campaigns. This has led to major oversaturation. Right now there are probably tons of promotional emails in your personal inbox, but how many have you actually read and considered?


Taking the time to send out promotional offers in postal mail to your community will help you stand out from your competitors. Even Neil Patel, one of the most successful and well known digital marketers in recent years, is recommending that more companies look into sending out physical mail. It just has a personal touch that mass e-blasts can’t convey.


Participating in local live events

One major problem when it comes to digital marketing is that it can be difficult for consumers to wade through the scams and dishonest ad campaigns. The internet is still very much the wild west when it comes to spam, phishing emails, and fake offers looking to gain access to users’ personal information or credit card numbers. This can lead to a lack of trust in online advertisements or emails. One sure fire way to endear yourself to people is to put together or help sponsor a live event. This can be something as simple as an annual fair or block party to a major concert or sporting event.

Setting up a booth or presence at events like these represent great opportunities for you to build trust in your company by interacting with people face to face. You can also expect to receive the type of personalized feedback that isn’t easy to come by using digital marketing.